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About Us

Your Website Administrator

Every small business is the brainchild of its owner. In the case of Tone Media Promotions, it is the humble start-up company of your website administrator, Tony Montano.

A devoted and loving father, avid outdoorsman, and a huge fan of zombies, Tony is no ordinary webmaster. His prior experiences were in the field of marketing, promoting Apple and Crossmark products, and participating in charitable causes, like Cycles 4 Hope, in the Granite Bay, CA area. 

It was during these gigs that he forged relationships with budding entrepreneurs, who narrated to him their problems of keeping their businesses online and the unfair terms and practices of web hosting and ad companies, which saw them losing the sites they had invested time and money on.

Since information technology continues
to progress in leaps and bounds

It Is Our

Mission of TMP to keep updated on the latest gadgets, software, and trends; Develop websites that reflect and are applicable to these IT advancements; and to promote client education. 

By teaching our clients how to manage their own websites and integrate them into their own business, using available software, applications and tools, we shall achieve our mutual goals.

Our Vision

To build and forge solid relationships with our clients that is based on continuing IT education. As we build websites together, we mutually work toward achieving our goals for our respective businesses.

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