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Setup and Optimization

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Your custom design website will be developed on your web server (or ours). All payment gateways will be developed and tested in Sandbox Environment. Website setup and optimization will be done with the best tools that I have been using for years! After completion of your website and or e-Commerce site, we will then test it again and only after your approval we will turn-over and launch.

Send Content to Us:

Simply send us your logo, images  and written content that you want us to include in your website. Best to use Zip-file to send e-Mail. 
E-mail to: Here
With Subject line: Project / Your Domain Name

All websites need SSL Certificates in placed on your web server: with free SSL Certificates or 12-months paid SSL Certificates with or without dedicated IP Address.

Please let me help and we can go over any details. Tony

Pic of website on computer for website setup

Website Setup:

We build mobile-friendly websites with clean HTML and CSS code with DIY Plug-in Projects.

  • Set-up Joomla or WordPress
  • Set-up Site Security and Backup
  • Set-up SEO Friendly Categories, Menus and Page URLs
  • Set-up 1 to 10 Page Web Design
  • Set-up and Style your Written Content
  • Set-up Animated Slider up to 3 Photos and Text.
  • Set-up Google CAPTCHA
  • Set-up Google MAP
  • Set-up Contact Form
  • Set-up Social Media
  • Set-up XML- Sitemap
  • Fully Tested
Pic of website with E-commers.

e-Commerce Setup:

  • Set-up WooCommerce, Shopify or VirtueMart
  • Set-up 1 to 10 Page Web Design
  • Set-up Up to 10 Products with Friendly SEO Description
  • Set-up SEO Friendly Categories
  • Set-up and Style your Products Written Content
  • Set-up Contact Form
  • Set-up PayPal, or Stripe
  • Set-up Amazon Pay
  • Set-up Shopping Cart
  • Fully Tested and Ready to GO!
Pic of web server for website setup.

Web Server Setup:

  • Set-up 2 Emails for site development
  • Set-up 1 FTP 
  • Set--up MySQL Database
  • Set-up Cron Jobs if needed
  • Set-up API if needed
  • Set-up SSL
Pic of Site Security and Backup

Site Security and Backup:

We only use the best for your website. Akeeba Backup.
Award-winning open source extensions

Akeeba Backup for Joomla and WordPress andm Admin Tools for Joomla and WordPress

All Joomla websites are setup with:

  • Akeeba Backup Professional
  • Admin Tools Pro

All WordPress websites are setup with:

  • Akeeba Backup Professional for WordPress
  • Admin Tools Professional for WordPress

Please read more about Akeeba Backup.

Pic of Choice of website submission to Google or Bing for Search Engines.

Submit Website to Google or Bing:

Choice of website submission to Google or Bing for Search Engines.

Google Search Console:

  • I will set up your Google Search Console
  • Google - Website-verification 
  • Submit all website pages to Google index
  • XML- Sitemap submit

Read more:

Bing Webmaster Tools:

  • I will set up your Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Bing - Website verification
  • Submit all website pages to Bing index.
  • XML- Sitemap submit.

Read more:

Submit Google and Bing at the same time.