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1) Why should I get your services for my business? 
While we may be a relatively new company, we know the marketing needs of our client and we value the time and money that you invest into your business website. Unlike other web service companies, our terms are very reasonable and easy-to-understand. We will work to ensure that your website and business maintains its online presence 24/7.

2) I am interested in obtaining your services for my business. Do you have a specific service area? 
Prior to its inception, Tone Media Promotions has already been accepting projects within the Granite Bay, CA area. However, because of the greater accessibility of the Internet, we can accept projects outside Granite Bay. 

3) I already have a business website but it is located in another webhosting service. Can I still avail of your services? 
All of our templates are exclusive to Tone Media Promotions and are not to be used on web hosting services like GoDaddy.com. If you should want to avail of our services to fix your site, we shall be charging additional fees. This is because we will not have full control over your site and we will be bound by the terms of use of these other web hosting companies. As such, we cannot and will not guarantee the longevity of your site. 

4) I've selected a template for my business, but I want my company logo and exclusive graphics featured. How do I go about getting these incorporated into my website? 
All of Tone Media Promotions templates are fully customizable. Simply send us your logo and other images that you would want us to include in the site. Client requirements can be found  HERE. 

5) None of the templates in your site interest me. Can you create a website template exclusively for my company? 
Yes, we most definitely can. Just give us a full description of how you would want your website to look and function. It is highly advisable that you send us all your website specifications, including logos and images. For our list of client requirements, please go  HERE. 

6) I would like to ask for more information about your services. How do I contact you? 
Just head on over to Contact Us. All of our contact details are there. At present, we are not a 24/7 company. But we will reply promptly to all email  nquiries that we will receive.
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